Embrace more than sight.

How Haptics Should Feel

Magic Staff: Features you can appreciate.

Discover Virtual Environments

Actually be able to walk rather than blink in the virtual world.

Goodbye Motion Sickness

Resolve the visual-vestibular conflict by moving naturally in VR.

Cross-Platform Sync

Seamlessly connect to whatever headset or VR platform you prefer.

Dynamic Adaptability

Act as a motion gesture controller when placed in stationary position.

Intelligent User Experience

Act as a motion gesture controller when placed in stationary position.

Adjustable Lengths

One product, several variations. Adjustable in length and other gameplay uses.

magic motion dynamic pole

Never have trouble exploring again

Imbued with the latest research into motion, the Magic Staff provides the dual function as a walking guide stick that transplants natural movement patterns into navigating in the virtual world and as a motion gesture controller when stationary. Crafted from high quality titanium, the Staff adapts to users of any height and is designed to be the optimal companion for any user who wants to walk, hike and interact with the virtual reality environment.

The top wheel rotates to change hand position, lift hands up and down. The hand movement can tell the brain the body is going uphill or downhill.

magic motion dynamic pole
magic motion dynamic pole

The bottom wheel rotates to lead the stick moving backwards. The hand movement can tell the brain is moving forward.

magic motion dynamic pole

Biometric data to generate virtual environments

A watch that can be used in both the virtual and the physical world, the Symbiotic provides real-time feedback for the user. With the ability to tighten on pressure points, the watch is able to reduce a user’s perception of motion sickness and be a steady state object that can also be interacted within the virtual world. Along with tracking heart rate and electro dermal activity, the Symbiotic is able to transmit data which can procedurally generate and enhance the user’s 3D virtual environment.

VR Controllers Tailored To You

The uniquely custom VR controllers that content creators and developers have been dreaming for.

Synced Performance

Seamlessly connects to existing platforms.


Connect and work with other hardware.

Open source

Chat with us for help. Chat with others. Develop and customise to your needs.

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